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regulatory affairs consulting latin america

Regulatory Affairs Management Services in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Central America and, the Andean Region.

Rebexa Group is headquartered in Puerto Rico and has subsidiaries in Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Rebexa Group also has presence in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Aruba, and Curacao in the Caribbean region; El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Belize and Guatemala, in Central America; and Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, in the Andean Region. We serve clients from the U.S., Europe and Canada with presence in or plans of expansion into the Caribbean, Central America, and the Andean Region.

Each market has its unique regulatory landscape such as the product’s approval, its registration and distribution. In order to avoid complications and possible expensive outcomes, a trusted representative is crucial for the success of your product in any given market.

Rebexa Group is the single source entity for registration, technical and compliance services necessary for the introduction and maintenance of therapeutic products in all these regions. We conduct business and have established legal entities in more than 16 countries, with more than 20 professionals and independent contractors. This ensures your regulatory requirements are always up to date and positions your company for growth and market expansion.

Please contact us if your company requires regulatory affairs consulting.