Rebexa Group helps you improve control over your company’s product registration and regulatory affairs responsibilities in Central America, the Andean Region, and Caribbean markets.

Rebexa Group is headquartered in Puerto Rico, a strategic location between the North American and South American markets and one of the world’s premier manufacturing sites for medical products. This location provides convenient access to a broad range of resources within the pharmaceutical, therapeutic, medical devices, and veterinary industries, all this within the auspices of the well-known legal framework and accountability of a United States’ territory. As a result, direct communication has been established with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to ensure a sustainable customer relationship.

With offices and/or personnel in over 16 Latin American and Caribbean countries, Rebexa Group has executed a wide array of regulatory intelligence projects from developing regulatory manuals per country to providing regulatory insight information related to Due Diligence, Post-Merger Implementation, Change of Manufacturer, and more. Currently, we manage a portfolio of over 2,500 registrations in therapeutic areas such as medical devices, human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Top 10 reasons why choose Rebexa Group:

  1. Improved core operational efficiency

    Through reduced costs and more efficient management of human capital.

  2. Separation of regulatory from distribution functions

    Improving control of registrations upon distribution transitions.

  3. Decreased time to reach the market

    As a result of more efficient management of product registrations.

  4. Compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

    Safeguarding the legality and transparency of all processes executed.

  5. Decreased legal exposure

    Ensuring compliance with local regulations and stakeholders’ guidelines.

  6. Prompt functional or regional expansion capability

    Without increasing headcount and facing a steep and prolonged learning curve.

  7. Improved control over confidential information

    Ensuring ethical management and integrity in processes.

  8. Improved project continuity

    Upon personnel or corporate transitions affecting a highly personal relationship dependent capability.

  9. Expanded opportunities in new markets

    Based on the vast experience working with legal entities and local government authorities.

  10. Customer-centric approach

    Allowing personalized management and demanding continuous updates on registration regulations and requirements in each market.

Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction in all our offered services. Rebexa Group’s performance will be in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, compliance and confidentiality, abiding with the Foreign Corruption Practices Act. Our personnel are continuously trained on our internal Quality System and regional legal framework to ensure utmost efficiency, transparency and legality.

Learn how Rebexa Group can be your partner and representative for regulatory affairs services in Central America, the Andean Region, and the Caribbean.